Let’s Get Personal – Time to Save the Undies

Save the Undies
It’s time to change things up a little bit on the blog and talk about something that isn’t directly related to beauty. Who would have thought that I would do a blog post about my period and underwear? But you know, we’re all adults here and it’s okay, even necessary, to get a little personal sometimes.

I still remember my first visit by Aunt Flo as it was called back then. I woke up freaking out because there was a lot of blood. I was really young and my school’s health class hadn’t covered girl’s getting their periods for another year.

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Sharing Beauty with Regency Beauty and Refinery29


I remember when I first got into makeup. It was around 5 years old, the mid 80s during my “I want to look like Madonna phsae”. I couldn’t wait to get into my mom’s CoverGirl palette that featured a bright blue eye shadow and even brighter pink blush just to see what look I can come up with. I may not have created looks worthy of a million views on YouTube or praises in the beauty section of a magazine, but didn’t care. I rocked my first makeup look! It gave me the confidence that makeup gives us when we’re older.

Thinking about this reminds me that I need to have more fun with makeup. I don’t always have to be so serious with it. This summer I’m going to make it a goal of mine to step outside my comfort zone and experiment more with brighter colors. This is what many of us beauty bloggers love about making, experimenting and just having fun.

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Not So Exciting News

Office Photo

As you can probably tell everything is gone. I recently switched hosts after having several problems with them. Sometime during or before my migration, the host I was with deleted my site and all my content. This was never supposed to happen, but unfortunately it did. This means I’m starting back from scratch. I plan on re-doing the layout and re-publishing all of my blogs. This is going to take some time so I hope you all can bare with me. Hopefully withing a couple of weeks everything will go back to normal.