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I remember when I first got into makeup. It was around 5 years old, the mid 80s during my “I want to look like Madonna phsae”. I couldn’t wait to get into my mom’s CoverGirl palette that featured a bright blue eye shadow and even brighter pink blush just to see what look I can come up with. I may not have created looks worthy of a million views on YouTube or praises in the beauty section of a magazine, but didn’t care. I rocked my first makeup look! It gave me the confidence that makeup gives us when we’re older.

Thinking about this reminds me that I need to have more fun with makeup. I don’t always have to be so serious with it. This summer I’m going to make it a goal of mine to step outside my comfort zone and experiment more with brighter colors. This is what many of us beauty bloggers love about making, experimenting and just having fun.

I’m excited to share the Regency Beauty Institute, which has a long history of helping their students embrace their creativity in a career that’s more than just a paycheck. The #ShareBeauty campaign wants to celebrate beauty and the people who make it!

What’s even better is that Regency Beauty has teamed up with Refinery29 for a really fun Instagram contest that’s featuring a ton of beauty trends for summer. The contest runs from July 8th through August 13th. There will be a theme each week and Instagram users can enter by using the hashtag #sharebeautycontest for a chance to win a customized VIP beauty treatment that’s worth $2,000 from Regency and Refinery29! How awesome is that?!

To anyone who followed their dreams and never gave up, this video is for you! Let’s #ShareBeauty together!


This post is sponsored by Regency Beauty Institute. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure for more information.


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